I believe everyone has a message that can transform the world.

Often that message, or at least the desire to make a difference in the world, is born out of a difficult circumstance, even tragedy.

For some of us we are born into it. For others it lands on our doorsteps.Screenshot-2014-06-27-16.03.56-1

My belief, really my experience is that these difficult places are offerings, gifts from Spirit that are designed specifically to provide us with the muscles we will need to become the extraordinary person we know we can be.

Unfortunately there is not a mechanism within mainstream cultures to help us understand this gift and so we often walk away having missed the opportunity that we were gifted with.

In traditional indigenous cultures there are mechanisms for integrating our gifts and experiences through traditional arts, ceremonies, storytelling, nature and community.

I use my 27 years of experience working with indigenous leaders, artists and healers to help women integrate their power from their life experiences.

I start by helping women find their voice by using the transformative power of indigenous song. Sacred song is a bridge that facilitates full expression and integration of experience, emotion, intuition and wisdom.

Then we begin a process of crafting a story of transformation so that it becomes a foundational branding piece for your story and your message.

For those who want to take those next steps into speaking or sharing their message through authorship or as a coach, we will artfully shape your story and symbols so that you can share your message with more power, clarity and authenticity from the stage, in your book or in your programs.

I look forward to getting to know you and to learn what your story has taught you and how you’d like to share it with the world.

There are several ways to connect with me..easiest is by email or phone at

Or you can find me at
Google Hangout
I am always interested in getting to know remarkable people and looking for ways to support and collaborate. Lets find a way to connect soon.

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